5 Steelers replacement options at linebacker following Pittsburgh's recent injuries

Their are options available if the Steelers are looking for linebackers.
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An outside option that already has a connection to Pittsburgh football

Creativity might be the best avenue for Pittsburgh as things could get even worse if injuries continue to pile up. There are new leagues of football that have been playing in the spring in recent years, and now it seems like the XFL and USFL are merging. It will make for an even bigger league and potential for players trying to get back into the NFL.

We have seen success for those players getting a second chance. The Steelers house a couple on their roster. They are not afraid to look at different ways to improve their team, and they might want to look into that talent pool again. Some linebackers in the USFL put up some great numbers this past season.

Reuben Foster is a hard-hitting linebacker who has not been given a second chance in the NFL. He last played in the NFL back in 2020 and was taken out with a mix because of injuries and off-field issues. It seems like his life has become more stable off the field and it might be time for his second chance. He played well with the Pittsburgh Maulers last year.

Foster didn't get a chance to prove himself in the NFL despite his output. He's a solid linebacker that played above his pears in the USFL.

He already has the Pittsburgh name tied to him, even though the Maulers technically haven't played a snap in the Steel City yet. The Steelers should still do their due dilligence and see what he looks like through a workout.