5 Steelers replacement options at linebacker following Pittsburgh's recent injuries

Their are options available if the Steelers are looking for linebackers.

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One of the best free agent option for the Steelers could be the best option

Rumors are suggesting that Anthony Barr is being brought onto the Steelers roster. He is the last remaining known free-agent linebacker available, and the veteran has a ton of starting experience. He is a former first-round pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. He was selected ninth overall. He still has some athleticism to his game.

We also know that Barr was a pre-draft visitor with the Steelers before he was selected. That is another big connection that players need with Mike Tomlin before you can honestly consider a signing.

In most instances, that is what Pittsburgh does. They bring in prospects for a pre-draft visit and then sign them later when the opportunity arises and there are obvious needs.

This connection makes sense for both sides as Barr would love another chance to start in the NFL. He would also fill a hole on the Steelers' defense right now. He's also a better coverage option than the other linebackers currently on the team.

He is a veteran guy who might take time to learn the playbook, but Roberts and Robinson should be able to hold down the fort during that time.

Barr is not the player that he once was, but he is still a reliable linebacker who should be good enough to step onto this team and help them. He was elected to the Pro Bowl four times throughout his career. It seems like those days are long gone.

He played last year and put up respectable results. The Steelers should be giving him a call and a potential free agent signing could be in the works.

Update: Anthony Barr is planning to sign with the Vikings, per ESPN's Adam Schefter.

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