5 Last-minute trades that would instantly make the Steelers serious contenders

Denver Broncos cornerback Pat Surtain II (2)
Denver Broncos cornerback Pat Surtain II (2) / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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With the NFL trade deadline upon us, the Steelers surprisingly find themselves as contenders following a strong start to the season. While it hasn’t been pretty, this team has clawed its way to a winning record and is in the mix for the playoffs.

While their record looks good, this team still needs a lot of help. A big trade right at the deadline could push this team over the edge and make their play better. In turn, that could make Pittsburgh a playoff favorite. Here are five last-minute trades that could take the Steelers to the playoffs.

5. Steelers could trade for Kenny Moore

There are four different secondary pieces in this post, and that should be telling of where the Steelers issues lie right now on defense. While the defensive line has struggled, they should be getting Cameron Heyward back soon which will alleviate some of those issues. The secondary has no such savior.

Chandon Sullivan has been as expected in the slot, below-average and relatively consistent. While he provides the team with a capable run-down player, he has been picked on in coverage. There is a clear upgrade likely available on the Colts in Kenny Moore.

For what seems like the last ten years, Moore has been viewed as one of, if not the, best overall slot defenders in the league. He is a physical force in the run game despite his smaller size and he does well in coverage. There aren’t a lot of weaknesses in his game outside of the fact that he is a slot-only capable player.

Moore could become the three-down slot defender and turn that position into a strength. That won’t solve the outside cornerback issues, but it would allow Patrick Peterson to focus only on his plays as a boundary cornerback. Moore is a feisty player that would be a big upgrade for this defense.