5 most important Steelers that will affect the outcome of the 2023 season

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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Joey Porter Jr. will be relied on early and often in his rookie campaign

It was a great benefit for the black and gold to have pick 32 nearly gifted to them from the Chicago Bears in the Chase Claypool trade. That might be one of the only times that we see the Steelers hold two picks in the top 32 selections in the draft for some time. It led to the choice of Joey Porter Jr. to join this team.

There was plenty of trade speculation on the second day of the draft if the organization would keep the pick or trade it away. They decided to sit still and take Porter and keep his family in the Pittsburgh colors. He is a long and physical cornerback that should be able to adapt his game to the NFL level without too many growing pains.

Most reports out of organized team activities (OTA's) have been positive overall for most of the rookie class, but especially the cornerbacks. Cory Trice has been making plays on the ball and has been getting rave reviews, and Porter has not been far behind him. Football in shorts is not when the best excel, but it is a positive start to their careers.

Porter will likely be relied on early to start on the outside for this defense as Patrick Peterson looks to potentially start in the slot. Either way, it seems like Porter will either start there with Levi Wallace on the opposite side or Peterson, depending on his slot experiment. Porter's success could mean the difference between a good secondary and a terrible one.