5 most important Steelers that will affect the outcome of the 2023 season

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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The development of Kenny Pickett will be the biggest impact on offense

There is no bigger X-factor for the Steelers offense this upcoming season then Kenny Pickett. He had a rookie year that saw some growing pains come a long with it, but it concluded on a positive note. The offense remained stale overall, but Pickett showed some strong moments in the final seconds of games down the stretch.

One would have to imagine that Pickett will take a step forward in year two with the type of work ethic that he possesses. That could always come crumbling down if he cannot take that next step, but most around the league believe he can move forward in his development. Pittsburgh's offense will go based off the performance of their top quarterback.

He is a fun player to watch, and hopefully a newly formed offensive line will help him stay on the field. He has been in the league's concussion protocol twice already, and that was just his rookie year. That is concerning, but that could be seen as the main reason for the Steelers investing so heavily into the offensive trenches this past offseason.

Pickett will likely be one of the biggest reasons for this offense succeeding or receding in the 2023 season. He can make plays, but he must continue to show the ability to refrain from turnovers as well. If Pickett cannot take that next step in year two, then the future of this franchise could be in question again.