5 most important Steelers that will affect the outcome of the 2023 season

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
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T.J. Watt will be the most impactful player on the field when healthy

Perhaps the most impactful player not only in the 2023 season, but in the past and in the future is T.J. Watt. Not too many other players across the NFL have seen a direct correlation of their team's overall success when they are on the field and are not on the field that him. It is a staggering set of numbers to witness as the club barely wins without him in the lineup.

Watt is a force when he plays and that causes for offenses to game plan around him and force extra blockers towards him. When he is playing and contributing on the field, the Steelers hold a winning record of 59-26-2. On the other hand, when he is out of the game, Pittsburgh crumbles and has a significant losing record.

Many have forgotten about Watt's dominance because of his injuries recently, but they will be reminded soon enough. The defense goes by the heartbeat of T.J. and that will not change anytime soon. hey are a totally different team when he plays versus when he is not able to suit up and play on gamedays.

There will not be a more impactful player for the Steelers this season than Watt. Maybe Pickett could give him a run for his money this season if he develops into a franchise caliber quarterback, or something close to that. No one on this club means more to this team than Watt and he will need to find a way to stay healthy so this club can rely on him every week to help them get to victory.

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