5 most overrated players on the Steelers 2023 roster

  • A pair of wildly inefficient skill players can do no wrong
  • Three underwhelming defenders are getting overhyped

Pittsburgh Steelers, Najee Harris
Pittsburgh Steelers, Najee Harris / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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It's easy to talk about underrated players, and there are plenty of guys on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster who deserve more credit for their contributions to the team. However, bringing attention to some of the most overrated players is typically something that causes controversy among the fanbase and even leaves some fans upset.

It's not just the Steelers; every team in professional sports has at least a few overrated players. These players typically have a sizeable group of fans in their corner despite the results not always being what they should be on the field. This list can vary depending on certain player biases, but here are my five most overrated players on the Steelers roster in 2023.

5. LB Mark Robinson

Outside of a few thunderous collisions where he stopped the ball carrier in his tracks, Mark Robinson hasn't done a whole lot to warrant such lofty praise. Quite frankly, Robinson was being overhyped since the Steelers drafted him in April of 2022.

Despite being a seventh-round draft choice with a short, compact frame and pedestrian athletic traits for the position, Robinson was immediately talked about by some as a future starter at linebacker for Pittsburgh. For a seventh-round draft choice, the expectations were blown way out of proportion.

In addition to his lack of length and athletic limitations, Robinson has never shown the ability to excel in coverage, which could lead him to the same problems other Steelers linebackers have had in recent years.

Like every other fan, I love the energy and hard hits that Mark Robinson brings to the field, but every team has one of these guys on their roster, and it's unlikely that he will ever be a special asset. We need to temper expectations here.