5 offseason moves that will remind Steelers fans that Omar Khan is a genius

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Omar Khan took over the role of general manager a few offseasons ago. While many were skeptical due to him not being a bigger name, he has quickly come in and made the Steelers his own. He has made a lot of savvy moves in his short tenure with the team and overall has done an excellent job adding talent to this roster.

He is now entering his second full offseason in control, and it has been a while since we have seen a vintage Khan move. That said, with so many issues on this team, we need a few big moves to make us feel better about the state of the team. Here are five offseason moves Khan can make to remind us that he is a genius.

Steelers will be active trade partners

The Steelers were active traders before Khan took over, but it was usually just for acquiring talent right before the season began. Khan has flipped that script slightly. For starters, Khan showed an aggressive streak in the draft. He traded up for Broderick Jones and then later traded back for Darnell Washington. It had felt like years since we saw that much movement in one draft.

The Steelers also still brought in talent when it made sense. Allen Robinson was acquired for next to nothing. The team traded back in the sixth round to the seventh in order to acquire him. No, Robinson hasn’t been a statistical monster, but he has done everything that the team has asked of him.

Khan was also willing to trade talent away for resources. Kendrick Green and Kevin Dotson were both buried on the depth chart so they were sent away. The willingness to move around and trade has been a healthy change of pace, and I am excited for Khan to show off his trading chops.