5 trade partners the Steelers should explore for George Pickens in 2024

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The Steelers have a major talent and a major problem on their hands. Despite being an immense talent, George Pickens is backsliding with this team. From a poor attitude to now taking plays off, this situation is getting critical, and it could force some drastic actions in 2024.

While you would hate to have to trade a player as talented as Pickens, the Steelers may need to in order to help with their own locker room health. Pickens is far too focused on himself, and it is now causing a rift between him and his fellow teammates. Assuming he is traded, here are the most likely trade partners for Pickens in 2024.

1. The Steelers could trade with the Titans

The Titans are a team in transition right now. While they had a short period of success, Ryan Tannehill regressed and Derrick Henry is beginning to slow down. Now, the Titans seemingly have their quarterback of the future in Will Levis, but the rest of the offense needs to be sorted out.

While Henry could stick around another season, it seems more and more likely that the team will ultimately part ways with him. Even if they don’t, a shift in focus to the passing game is likely on the horizon. This offense is lacking targets though, and that is where Pickens can fit in.

Pickens can give the team a true top target alongside DeAndre Hopkins. With age likely catching up to him soon, it provides Levis a younger down-the-field threat. This would work well considering the arm strength that Levis possess. Adding Pickens gives a young quarterback another top target and would be worth exploring in 2024.