5 options the Steelers should have hired over Arthur Smith as Offensive Coordinator

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Pittsburgh just finished their search for their next offensive coordinator. It was somewhat refreshing to fans to see the different names that had been interviewed and all of them being outside options. They had some young and upcoming coaches and some former Head coaches interview or show interest in the position. In the end, Mike Tomlin decided to hire Arthur Smith for the opening.

Only three had been documented to have been interviewed by the Steelers. Those names include Arthur Smith (former Falcons Head Coach), Zac Robinson (just hired as the offensive coordinator of the Falcons), and Jerrod Johnson (current Texans Quarterbacks coach). It was also rumored that Kliff Kingsbury (former Cardinals Head coach and current USC coach) had shown interest in the position. It was a good mix of options, but the Steelers have decided on Smith.

Most expected the black and gold to wait a little longer and hold a couple of more interviews before making a decision. Some of the coaches who just lost their playoff games this past weekend could have given some different options to investigate further. Some others might not have been able to fit their schedule with Pittsburgh until these coming weeks. Some other coaches might have been preoccupied with different circumstances before the Steelers pulled the trigger on hiring Smith.

David Girardi would have made a lot of sense based off the Steelers trend

One name that had become more sensible after the Super Bowl wrapped up might have been David Girardi. He has made previous articles of mine in the Steeler's search for their next offensive coordinator. He is currently the quarterbacks coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He works closely with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. Both of those things should allow you to grow as a coach, and the Chiefs produce many offensive coordinators around the NFL.

The allure for Girardi of returning to Pittsburgh, his hometown, and trying to fix the Steelers putrid offense probably would have been there. The black and gold would have had to wait another couple of weeks as the Chiefs would participate in the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh wasn't willing to wait that long to find their replacement as their next offensive coordinator. Girardi is a name to monitor around the NFL, especially if Kansas City wins the Super Bowl again.