5 players that the Steelers could cut before they even report to training camp

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A known returner could find his way on the chopping block before camp

When you get to this point in the offseason, normally free agency is starting to taper down. That could be a safe bet when it comes to the Steelers' past free agent classes in franchise history. However, you cannot totally rule out the potential of still signing free agents or adding someone via trade with the way Omar Khan has run things.

With additions comes the need for cap space and there are certain players that could become more expendable before training camp. If you need a couple more million dollars of cap space to open up, then look no further than Gunner Olszewski being on the chopping block. He would free up around two million dollars in spending cash once released.

He has not worked out as a returner or receiver for this team since signing in free agency a year ago. Olszewski showed promise during the pre-season last year only to have a terrible season that followed it. There are a ton of options that will battle for his spot both at receiver and returner and that will likely kill his chances of keeping his job.

With the likes of Calvin Austin III and Anthony Miller on the roster, it seems like Olszewski will not have a great opportunity to stick as a return specialist. Shaving off his two million as a cap hit could open the door for other options via trade or free agency that you might not have had earlier. His days seem numbered with this club anyways, might as well cut him now.