5 players the Steelers have to part ways with in the upcoming 2024 offseason

  • Levi Wallace should not be extended
  • Mason Cole could be a salary-cap casualty
  • Patrick Peterson hasn't panned out for the Steelers
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Even though the Steelers have found ways to win more games than lose them, there are still a bunch of issues on this roster. They were active last offseason, and a ton of praise was thrown at Omar Khan during his first full offseason in the General manager chair. Some of those moves have not panned out and it seems like a mess he will have to clean up.

Plenty of starters and other players on the roster have not been playing to the standard this team needs. Their contracts have become overvalued at this point in time, and it could cause their spots on the team to become expendable by this offseason. Khan has a lot of work once this season concludes and there are plenty of holes to fill again just like last year.

Levi Wallace can not get extended by the Steelers this year

Many players in the secondary for Pittsburgh have come under fire this season. They have been slow and have not been able to defend the pass well despite having an incredible pass rush led by T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith. No matter that positive, this defense has failed in many other aspects and the bad play of cornerbacks has led to constant gains by opposing offenses.

Levi Wallace has been one of the worst starting cornerbacks in the NFL this season. Fans have been calling for him to lose that job since week one, but for one reason or another, the coaches refused. In recent weeks, Joey Porter Jr. has taken over one of the starting roles, but Wallace is forced to play meaningful snaps for the Steelers' defense.

Right now, Wallace is scheduled to hit free agency once this season wraps up. He is too slow and cannot play the brand of football that Pittsburgh likes on defense. Free agency might be a light market for him, but it is time to move in another direction. Wallace will have another shot elsewhere, but he seems to be a backup guy at best.