5 players who could reunite with Arthur Smith on the Steelers in 2024

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Steelers could sign Cordarrelle Patterson

Nine times out of ten, I would say that you should never sign a veteran running back who is over thirty years old. This is especially true when you already have two running backs playing well for you. Cordarrelle Patterson breaks this mold for me though, and I think that he would be a great addition to this offense.

While Patterson was drafted as a receiver, he quickly flamed out there. As time went on, he settled into a role as a returner before the Patriots converted him to a running back. He has never taken on a huge workload as a result of this, so there could be some tread on the tires for Patterson still.

He could be signed as the third back for this room, a position that is wide open right now. Patterson can also serve as a return man arguably his most valuable role for a team. While the opportunities wouldn’t be plentiful, he has proven to make the most out of a little. His contract should be on the cheaper side of things as well.

Smith showed his desire to use a committee of running backs while with the Falcons. While Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren will receive the majority of snaps, a capable third back like Patterson can alleviate some of the pressure on them while providing value as a return man on special teams.