5 players who could reunite with Arthur Smith on the Steelers in 2024

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Steelers could sign Van Jefferson

Of all of the names on this list, Van Jefferson has the least amount of experience with Smith as a coach. He joined the Falcons during the middle of the season via a trade, and while he never found his footing, he has had success in the past as a talented receiver.

Jefferson was actually a previous draft target for the Steelers. While the 2020 pre-draft process was shortened by Covid, Pittsburgh had met with Jefferson before in-person visits were canceled. The interest in a receiver was real, as the team ultimately took Chase Claypool with their first pick.

Jefferson looked like a player on the rise with the Rams in his second season, but inconsistencies and a crowded room caused him to slip down the depth chart. He was phased out of the offense enough to warrant getting traded this season. The Falcons didn’t use him a lot, but the talent is still there, and the Steelers have a need.

While Pittsburgh’s top receivers are talented, there is a depth issue and the slot position is lacking. Jefferson can wear a lot of hats for this offense though. While not a notable slot receiver, he has played there in the past. If the team finds someone else there, Jefferson can serve as a reserve on the outside. The versatility and likely cheap cost could cause him to follow Smith to the Steelers this offseason.