5 potential NFL cap casualties the Steelers must target in free agency

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The black and gold are currently in a cap crunch at the moment. They have more than enough time and options to get a significant amount of cap space over the next month and some change before free agency opens. They will want to invest their money wisely as they hope to not spend too much money this offseason.

With that being said, there is a clear path to make a lot of spending changes for Pittsburgh. Cap casualties will happen for this club just like there will be around the league. Some of those cut players will be interesting free agents for the Steelers to target if or when they become available. These are all projections about potential cap casualties that could become free-agent options this offseason.

Bradley Bozeman could be an interesting cap casualty option at center

One option that could be out there is Bradley Bozeman. He was the starting center for the Carolina Panthers for the past couple of years. Things have not been great in Carolina, and the future seems bleak. A new coaching staff and front office could also provide changes to the roster. Bozeman could be on his way out of Carolina.

The Panthers have plenty of cap space to work with, but they might want to move in another direction. Bozeman didn't have a great season, but he was one of their best offensive linemen on a bad group. Maybe he would benefit from a change of scenery. The black and gold would be a nice landing spot for Bozeman and his career.

Pittsburgh should cut Mason Cole and that opens the door for a replacement at starting center. The Steelers could sign Bozeman on a short-term cheap deal and draft a center high. That way you have experienced and quality depth battling for the starting job. Adding both depth and an upgrade at starting center in the process by adding someone like Bozeman.