5 potential free agents the Steelers could sign to improve their frail offense

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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K.J. Osborn is a slot receiver with a lot of experience in fee agency

An interesting option that could fly under the radar during free agency is K.J. Osborn. He has played both outside and in the slot during his time with the Vikings. Many will want the Steelers to go after his current teammate, Kirk Cousins this offseason. Osborn has proven to be a reliable slot receiver, and that is something the Steelers could use.

They currently have Allen Robinson II holding that spot, but his contract numbers do not make sense to keep past this season. Pittsburgh would save a lot of money by cutting Robinson. He has been a good blocker, but he has little to prove in his stats as a pass catcher. Osborn is much younger and quicker. He could help this offense.

Calvin Austin III was seen as a potential option to play in the slot or even on the outside. That experiment has failed this year. Maybe he will be better in year two, but the Steelers cannot rely on those "what ifs". Osborn is a proven receiver in the NFL and can start in the slot and provide depth on the outside if Pittsburgh needs him there.

He is still only 26 years old until early June rolls around. The numbers are nothing crazy when you look over his career. With that being said, Osborn is a guy that has been there and done that. He should be able to sit in the slot receiver role well with the Steelers. A nice free-agent option that could be a cheaper price for the black and gold.