5 QB options that make no sense for the Steelers (and 4 that do)

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1)
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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Makes sense for Steelers: Russell Wilson

I’ve toyed with the idea of Russell Wilson, and I ultimately decided to place him on the “makes sense side” of things. There are some caveats that I will explain, but if all goes as expected, he could make more sense than I had thought.

Wilson was, at one point, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He had a falling out with the Seahawks and was traded to the Broncos in what has turned out to be a lopsided move. It seems more than likely that Wilson will be cut this offseason despite the massive amount of money he is still owed on his deal.

There is speculation that because of the money he is set to still get, he will play on a minimum deal. I highly doubt that, but if he is willing to play on more of a discount, he could provide a viable contender to Pickett as the starter.

While Wilson’s time in Denver was a failure, he was playing some better football this past season. It wasn’t perfect, and he is clearly a player on the decline. That is the issue when you are looking for the veteran route, as great options rarely hit free agency.

If Wilson is willing to play on a discount though, I think he is a viable fit for this offense. He can provide solid competition for Pickett at a reasonable price. Even though neither are likely to be the long-term option, a discounted Wilson is a logical addition to the quarterback room.