5 QB options that make no sense for the Steelers (and 4 that do)

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1)
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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Doesn’t make sense for Steelers: a top rookie quarterback

Don’t get me wrong, long-term this is the best chance the Steelers have at finding a franchise quarterback. Almost every top team drafts and develops their guy. There are outliers but look at the recent trend of Super Bowl teams and winners. Almost everyone has featured a homegrown quarterback that is playing at a high level. Again, teams don’t let that kind of player leave.

So why shouldn’t the Steelers try and do this? In a perfect world, they would. It is no secret that I love Drake Maye as a prospect, and Jayden Daniels isn’t that far behind him. Those two and Caleb Williams make up your elite prospects. The issue is that Pittsburgh likely won’t have a shot at any of them, as they should all be taken in the top ten, or even the top five.

Trading up is common for a quarterback, but other teams drive the price up for it. Typically, the asking price is around your first-round pick in the following year. Steep, but worth it if you can land that top guy. With the Steelers needing to move up around 15 spots though, that will mean multiple picks and likely multiple first-rounders on top of that.

That isn’t to say I am inherently against that either. If you get a top quarterback like Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen, you will quickly forget about the cost of acquiring him. The Steelers will have to have done their homework and be sure though, something I struggle to see them do with so many other needs. This is the best route to finding your quarterback, but it is hard to see Pittsburgh going down this road this offseason.