5 QB options that make no sense for the Steelers (and 4 that do)

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1)
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Makes sense for Steelers: Ryan Tannehill

There seems to be a general disgust at the idea of the Steelers signing Ryan Tannehill this offseason. Is he some sort of franchise savior? Absolutely not, but he performed well in Authur Smith’s offense in Tennessee, should be on the cheaper end, and gives this team the best shot to see both what they have in Pickett and an emergency option in case nothing has changed.

Let me once again reiterate just how bad the quarterback situation is for the Steelers. Without a quarterback, you aren’t going to consistently compete, so Pittsburgh is in a tough spot. I’d rather have a poor season with a cheaper quarterback than go all out for a castoff and land in the same spot you are now (mid-round pick, little to no playoff success).

Tannehill is the perfect fit for this. You can bring him in as competition but still allow Pickett to have the first shot at the job. If things are still bad, you can turn to Tannehill to save face and act like you are trying to remain competitive. More than likely, he stabilizes the position but doesn’t elevate it, leaving the door open for a higher pick and a shot at your quarterback in 2025.

There is a slight chance he catches lighting in a bottle again with Smith back as his offensive coordinator, but at his age that is unlikely. Instead, he is a stable veteran who applies pressure to Pickett for a reasonable price. No, he doesn’t fix the room long-term, but he can be a cheap band-aid as the hunt for a new quarterback really gets underway next season.