5 QB options that make no sense for the Steelers (and 4 that do)

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1)
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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Doesn’t make sense for Steelers: Kirk Cousins

This seems to be the most exciting free-agent quarterback set to enter the market, and Steelers fans have naturally gravitated toward him as an option. I’ll be honest, I like Cousins as a quarterback, as he is like an elevated game manager. He needs some help, but in the right offense he can thrive.

There are a lot more issues though. For starters, he is old and coming off an Achilles injury. While mobility isn’t his strong suit, that injury will likely hamper him even more. With this offensive line still a concern, that could quickly become an issue.

He also won’t be cheap. We saw names like Daniel Jones and Derick Carr get paid a lot of money last offseason, and Cousins is better than either. Pittsburgh isn’t flush with cap space, especially with the defense so invested in. You would have to skimp elsewhere to bring him in this year.

My biggest reservation is the fact that he hasn’t been a proven winner. He had some great offenses in Minnesota and has been throwing passes to the best receiver in the game for the past few seasons. While the Vikings have occasionally contended, they haven’t been consistent threats nor have they actually won any meaningful games. Why would it be any better with the Steelers?

I think if you had the right team around Cousins, you could be a Super Bowl team. That said, I don’t think the Steelers fit that this season and time is of the essence with Cousins. Instead, I think he would become a pricy starter that keeps this team where they are at with maybe a playoff win or two added on. To me, that really isn’t worth it.