5 QB options that make no sense for the Steelers (and 4 that do)

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1)
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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Doesn’t make sense for Steelers: Justin Fields

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a fan of Justin Fields when he came out of Ohio State, and while he is seemingly available now, I’m not banging the table for him. While he would provide a unique element to this offense, there is a lot of risk in acquiring him this offseason.

Let’s start with his play, which has been inconsistent at best. While he occasionally makes amazing plays, he will also make really poor choices and will turn the ball over. He is also dependent on his running game, and Pittsburgh hasn’t found a lot of recent success with quarterbacks like that.

The contract becomes an issue as well. You would need to make a decision on his fifth-year option which would give him a bigger cap hit next year. If he doesn’t pan out, you are still on the ropes for that money. A trade is also needed to acquire him, meaning even more assets will be required to get him on this team. That is a big asking price for a quarterback with very little NFL success.

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Because of this, I am against Fields coming to this team unless he can be traded for some low-draft picks. Assuming that isn’t the case, I’m ready to roll with Pickett for one last season. I don’t expect a lot, but every other name on this list outside of the rookies are band-aids, and that is something this lifeless offense doesn’t need.