5 realistic mock trades for Diontae Johnson if the Steelers decide to move him

If the Steelers decide to trade Diontae Johnson, one of these deals could become reality.

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Atlanta needs more weapons for their starting Quarterback


Even though there are plenty of question marks on Atlanta's roster right now, they have a chance to succeed this season. They play in one of the worst divisions in the NFL. The NFC South has become a laughingstock, and the Falcons could shove their way into the division lead with a strong offseason. If Pittsburgh is willing to trade Johnson, then Atlanta might be the place to go.

When you look at the return for Jeudy in his respective deal, it was only for a fifth and sixth-round pick in the upcoming draft. That is nothing to write homes about normally, but for the Steelers it could provide a potential market out there for Johnson. Both Jeudy and Johnson are entering their final years under contract.

With those things in mind, Pittsburgh was able to get two picks from the Falcons in this trade. They secured their fourth and sixth-round picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. It is nothing crazy value-wise, but it does provide a couple of options in the draft to take a receiver early. The Steelers get two extra selections to add to their arsenal entering the draft.

Atlanta needs more receivers for their quarterback to throw at. Drake London and Kyle Pitts cannot be the only top targets. Johnson is a proven veteran in this league and someone who can be a real top option for their offense. They have some young and upcoming pieces on the Falcons, and trading for this receiver would only strengthen their team.