5 realistic mock trades for Diontae Johnson if the Steelers decide to move him

If the Steelers decide to trade Diontae Johnson, one of these deals could become reality.

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The Steelers could get help in the trenches from the Commanders

Another huge trade here that includes plenty of salary cap implications. If Pittsburgh were to pull off this trade, it would help fix their problems in the trenches. They need to get younger on the defensive line. Washington has two quality players in the trenches, with Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen. Both could be interesting trade chips in this scenario.

The Commanders are going to take a quarterback with the second overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. They have some decent receivers currently in the fold, but Johnson would be an upgrade over either of them. Adding someone like this receiver would give Washington a legit top receiver and allow their other weapons more opportunities to get open.

In return, the Steelers would get a young and talented defensive tackle in Payne. He will be 27 years old by the time next season begins. He is a young player who has put up incredible numbers in the past. He is coming off an average season, but a new home like Pittsburgh would only help him turn things around. Making this trade would mean Larry Ogunjobi is cut as a cap casualty.

Payne would shrink the Steeler's current cap situation by ten million as he costs double what Johnson does. In this deal, Pittsburgh gets Washington's fifth-round pick and swaps their sixth-round selection in return. With the receiver position being impactful in football, Washington sweetened the deal a little. The Steelers get an impact starter for their defense and a pick upgrade in return.

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