5 reasons to be excited about the 2023 Pittsburgh Steelers

  • A flood of young talent could lead to a bright future
  • Second-year leaps mean more than you know
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2. George Pickens looks like a future superstar WR

It doesn't take a lot of studying George Pickens at training camp to figure out that this kid is going to be a star. Last year, I was on hand for several practices in Latrobe. This August, I did the same. While Pickens' raw talent shined both during his rookie training camp and in his second summer with the team, it was so easy to see this year that he was the most talented receiver by a mile at Steelers training camp in 2023.

Pickens has an innate ability to contort his body and bring down the most absurd catches you will ever see. This is hardly an exaggeration. Even just watching a few practices in Latrobe this year, his play-making ability was routinely on display.

The second-year receiver has worked on the rest of his game as well. While he's still not going to be an elite separator by NFL standards, Pickens has expanded his route tree and it looks like he's on track to make many more plays over the middle of the field this season on in-breaking routes (not just 'go' balls and comebacks).

Pickens' ability to win with ease at the catch point is going to make him a go-to option for Kenny Pickett, and he will help bail his young quarterback out of trouble often. Pickens was already thoroughly impressive as a rookie, but now it looks like he could very well emerge as the next Pro Bowl receiver in Pittsburgh after a long line of success finding talent at the WR position.