5 receivers the Steelers could target in free agency to boost their offense

The Steelers could target one of these receivers in Free Agency to upgrade their offense

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With free agency coming up within the next couple of days, there are some interesting names to monitor. The Steelers still have to make some moves to create some cap space upon writing this article. If they fail to do that then they will struggle to sign any player in this phase of the offseason. They have different routes to open up spending money.

Finding a receiver is a need for the black and gold. If the Diontae Johnson trade rumors become reality, then the team could add a player in free agency and the draft. The Steelers need a slot receiver right now, but they have also shown a lot of interest in adding outside receiver options in the draft. Free agency should be another active time for the club.

Pittsburgh could convince Tyler Boyd to return to his hometown team

One of the obvious choices out there might be someone from Pittsburgh's backyard. Tyler Boyd has spent his entire career with the Cincinnati Bengals to this point. It seems like their marriage will end within the next couple of days. It is always an interesting dynamic for players who grew up around the Pittsburgh area to eventually play for their hometown team.

Boyd has been critical of the Steelers in the past as he remained on the other side of the Bengal's rivalry. He is a veteran presence who should do well in a leadership role with a receiving core that needs it. He remains under 30 years old and should be able to play at a high level for another two to three seasons. That is where the Steelers need to get him.

Going this route would upgrade your slot receiver position significantly. It would cost a pretty penny. Boyd is projected to make a little under nine million per season for three years. That is a reasonable number. This would be a good signing for the Steelers as they would probably move on from Allen Robinson II and get someone who is better and cheaper.