6 former Pittsburgh Steelers we would like to see return to the team in 2024

There are plenty of former Pittsburgh Steelers who fans would love to see return in Free Agency

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It is not out of the realm of possibility that former members of the Steelers return to the team after being away for a while. Sometimes things just don't materialize, and certain players depart in free agency to try and form another path to a long-term career in the NFL. Pittsburgh is a great organization and many of the players that leave miss the group.

There are a handful of names that are scheduled to become free agents in a couple of weeks that could make their way back to the Steel City. The black and gold are officially back in cap compliance. They have a couple of different routes to take if they wish to open even more cap space before free agency begins. It looks like there will be more moves announced in the coming weeks to open up some spending change.

Arthur Maulet would be a good choice for the Steelers to bring back

Nothing has been the same since Mike Hilton left the Steelers slot cornerback spot with a vacancy. It is something that the club has regretted ever since they didn't pay him the reasonable contract he was asking for. He left, and Pittsburgh has been throwing darts at the wall hoping that one of their replacements would stick. That hasn't materialized.

One name in free agency who was one of the better Hilton replacements was Arthur Maulet. He remained a liability in coverage for the most part, but he excelled in other areas. He left Pittsburgh and signed with the Ravens last season. He is now scheduled to become a free agent again, and it might be wise for the black and gold to gauge his interest in a reunion.

He is coming off one of his best years in the NFL and could get some attention from around the league. Maulet didn't make much last year, but it seems like he could be getting ready for a pay raise this offseason. Signing someone like Maulet would help the Steelers solve their slot cornerback issue heading into this upcoming season.