5 receivers the Steelers could target in free agency to boost their offense

The Steelers could target one of these receivers in Free Agency to upgrade their offense

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Arthur Smith could request to sign a familiar face with Mack Hollins

There could be a couple of free agents that Arthur Smith could request for the Steelers to sign in free agency. We know that his system is focused on establishing the run, even though he did get away from that when he became the Head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. His ability to balance the run and passing attack is what got him a top job in the first place.

Anyhow, several pending free agents out of Atlanta could eventually end up in Pittsburgh with Smith. One name at receiver that could be the cheapest in this article is Mack Hollins. He is a big-bodied receiver who has some production in limited roles throughout his career. He has mostly been a backup to this point.

If Pittsburgh moves on from Robinson and or Johnson, then they will need some depth behind the eventual replacements. Hollins is someone who has started in the past and posted respectable numbers during his time with the Raiders back in 2022. That was his only real shot at having a big role in his professional career to date.

Signing someone like Hollins would make sense as he can provide a big body at receiver and provide some proven depth to the roster. This would also mean that the Steelers would have to draft a receiver high if they are getting ready to move on from Johnson. Hollins wouldn't wow fans most likely, but he would be a nice cheap option to fill out Pittsburgh's depth.