3 quarterback options Arthur Smith could demand for the Steelers

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It was just announced that Arthur Smith will be taking over as offensive coordinator for the Steelers. It will likely come with some mixed reactions as the club seemed to jump the gun. The Super Bowl hasn't even been played yet and Pittsburgh decided to go with an outside hire, but one that many didn't want to see. Smith relies heavily on the run, but his schemes seem like they could be a challenge to mesh with how the roster is constructed.

No matter what you think of Smith and his addition as the next play-caller on offense, his track record during his time in Tennessee was good. He was able to help turn around the career of Ryan Tannehill and help the Titans get to some competitive playoff situations. He got a Head coaching job for a reason, but he might not be able to fix Kenny Pickett, and that is what the Steelers should want most.

Joe Flacco could be an interesting veteran Quarterback for Arthur Smith

First up on this short list is someone who has been near the Steelers for most of his career. None other than Joe Flacco could be someone of interest for the team this off-season. Smith wants someone willing to take shots after finding ways of establishing the run game. Flacco is someone with a strong arm and would be willing to take a seat behind a strong-run game at this point in his career.

He was sitting on the couch for most of the year until the Cleveland Browns suffered injuries and got desperate. They called Flacco and signed him to their practice squad. He would be elevated and start for the Browns down the stretch. He played very well and showed Pittsburgh what kind of competency they're missing at quarterback. He is part of the dying breed of gunslingers that are quickly falling out of the NFL.

He should be cheap, but it seems like getting him away from the Browns organization in free agency might be difficult. Flacco has a lot of history with Pittsburgh as he played for their biggest rival, the Baltimore Ravens for most of his career. If Smith wants a more experienced veteran to lead his offense over Pickett, then Flacco could be a cheap option.