5 star players that the Steelers could have drafted in the past five years

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There have always been questionable draft choices in the past, especially when you look back at what could have been. Players have different levels of success in the NFL, no matter if they are picked in the early rounds or not at all. The Steelers have seen up and down seasons in the past five years with zero playoff success in that span.

This article is a fun piece that looks back to the past five different drafts and looks at some different options that could've been a beneficial selection over what they chose. Not all of these were better than the original and deciding on other players for the past two drafts was tricky. Those players are still cutting their teeth in this league.

2019 NFL draft: Steelers should have drafted A.J. Brown (Diontae Johnson)

Overall, the 2019 NFL draft casts a dark shadow on Pittsburgh as they traded up for Devin Bush and he has been a bust. Bush is no longer in the Steelers club, but not everything was negative in that class. Diontae Johnson was added in the third round, but the team could have looked at other options to find a top receiver.

Johnson has been a good addition to this club, but he is a borderline top receiver in the NFL with his different inconsistencies. A.J. Brown would have brought a dynamic weapon to this offense that could have sparked some big plays. Johnson has turned out to be a good value, but the Steelers would have been better off not trading up in round one and taking someone like Brown.