5 Steelers who could be cut unless they stand out against the Bills tonight

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Sometimes just the will to try new spots is not enough to stick around

Mike Tomlin always preaches that a player's availability this time of year is their best ability. That saying will be put to the test this preseason as Kendrick Green has been trying out some new spots in training camp. He has seen some work at fullback and has also shown the ability to lineup at center and guard on the offensive line.

Despite the quick fan fair that has built up his potential case to make the final 53-man roster, Green continues to struggle in games. He was drafted to be a center and started every game during his rookie campaign. Overall, it was a failure both by the team and the young player. He was then kicked out to guard to try and re-claim some footing in the NFL.

Sadly, that move did not work out either and he had some minimal action last season because of it. The Steelers are now trying their best to find a niche for Green and different roles that he could potentially fill on the roster. This past game against the Buccaneers was ugly for Green and the other depth center on the roster, Ryan McCollum.

It is going to take Green to pull a complete turnaround and show a solid next couple of weeks at center if he wants a realistic shot at sticking in Pittsburgh. His time at fullback is interesting, but it's a failed roster spot if he cannot also be a quality backup in the interior of the offensive line. Green is currently on the outside looking in and he has a steep hill to climb to turn that around.