5 Steelers who could be cut unless they stand out against the Bills tonight

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A big receiver needs to play well in these remaining preseason games

This is not the XFL, and it has been a learning curve since Hakeem Butler tries to successfully make the transition. He has shown some ability to use his size to his advantage during practices at training camp, but that is not enough. It is going to take more than one or two highlight reel worthy catches to make a depth spot on the roster.

The Steelers had their top three starters locked up before training camp even opened. Diontae Johnson and George Pickens will be on the outside with Allen Robinson II lined up in the slot role. That is a quality top three and that leaves Calvin Austin III as the fourth option behind the starters. He is more of a gadget player for now.

Butler has a long road ahead of him of impressive performances if he wants a legit shot at making this team out of camp. He is a big target and that is something this team is missing, but he needs to show more on special teams. There is likely one spot available on this roster, maybe two if he is lucky. He will have to beat out two players that were on this club last season.

Both Gunner Olszewski and Miles Boykin will be vying for one or both of those final spots. Both are two different types of receivers and could bring a certain element on special teams that puts them ahead of Butler when the final decisions roll onto the newswire. Butler has a lot of things he needs to do in week two and beyond to get ahead of Oszewski and or Boykin.