5 Steelers who could still be traded following the Kevin Dotson trade to the Rams

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The loser of the slot cornerback competition could be traded away

Another avenue that the club could investigate is the possibility of the loser of their slot cornerback competition getting shipped out of town. The Steelers have seen two worthy candidates battle for the starting role in the slot on defense. It could all mean little with Patrick Peterson seemingly filling that void in certain schematic scenarios.

Both Chandon Sullivan and Elijah Riley have been neck and neck in this race for this spot on the roster. Sullivan is the more experienced of the two and would likely be the safer bet moving forward. Riley has just started in that role for the first time in his NFL career but has done an admirable job throughout the preseason process.

Keeping both is still the safest option and that seems like what the Steelers will end up doing. Another choice that might be an unforeseen opportunity is looking into what either could fetch you on the trade market. It might not lead to a deal, but it would be interesting to see what a slot cornerback would fetch to a needy team.

Sullivan would probably fetch more trade offers because of his vast experience in the slot. His overall quality there throughout his career has never been great. He can fill that void on a defense and do a good enough job when called upon. Keeping both Sullivan and Riley is probably the likeliest option of happening, but it could change if a trade offer is too enticing to pass by.