5 Steelers who could still be traded following the Kevin Dotson trade to the Rams

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Zach Gentry might lose the numbers game to stay on the roster

Another situation that seems to be obviously going one way but could lean in another direction soon. There is a lot of movement going on in the NFL and even though certain players might make the final 53-man roster initially, that does not mean that will be cemented into the future. Rosters in the NFL change all of the time.

Zach Gentry has been a solid blocking option for the Steelers offense over the past couple of seasons. He had a great game against the Falcons and showed his strengths that he brings to this team. With Darnell Washington on the team, Gentry's role has become less important. It seems like his roster spot is still safe for now.

Much like Sullivan or Riley, it could get interesting if a team were to engage in trade talks with Pittsburgh. They are perfectly okay with keeping Gentry, but they would be foolish to not listen to offers on him. Connor Heyward is another reason why Gentry could be finding a new home soon. Heyward can play three different positions for this club.

That position flexibility might allow for another roster player at another position to fill a spot that would be left vacant by Gentry's trade. It seems like the club will move into the regular season with four players at the position. It is going to be hard to find Gentry playing time especially as the calendar goes further. The Steelers should listen and be open to the idea of trading him.