5 Steelers who could still be traded following the Kevin Dotson trade to the Rams

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Montravius Adams could be moved by the Steelers with his value

The Montravius Adams situation is close to what is going on with Armon Watts as described earlier in the article. There is too much talent at the defensive line part of the roster to keep all of them on the team. The Steelers will have to make some tough choices about which players they prioritize moving forward and how many they can keep.

Adams does provide some different qualities that Watts does not possess. He can play both at nose tackle and at defensive tackle if needed. He has experience at both spots whereas Watts has really only played at the tackle spot. That gives Adams the edge to probably win the last spot on the roster unless Isaiahh Loudermilk comes out of nowhere.

It seems like the coaches like the idea of keeping Loudermilk around because of his age and his quality snaps against the run. Adams has more starting experience and seems like the best overall player to keep around if the club decides to only keep six for this group. Many are projecting seven players and it might be best to look at the player that would give you the most value in a trade.

It is such a close competition that you should move the player that gives you the best value in a trade. Adams would probably be the bigger fish for the Steelers to try and trade at the market before final cuts come through. Adams has the experience, position flexibility, and young age that teams will probably find interesting this time of year.

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