5 Steelers draft prospects who would be impossible to pass up in round one

Jalen Carter, Steelers
Jalen Carter, Steelers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Every year during the draft, there are some prospects that slip down draft boards for one reason or another. The opposite of that also happens when certain players begin to rise on draft boards and get selected much higher than originally anticipated. The Steelers have benefited from certain players falling past their projected spots before, and they will hope for it to happen again.

Plenty of players have come and gone from the facility in Pittsburgh on official visits to the team. This is allowed during this time for each team across the country with 30 pre-draft visits. Normally being included on that invitation list means that the club has a lot of interest in you. The black and gold normally show their hand during this time, especially after their pro day circuit.

5. Broderick Jones could be the most realistic to slip to pick 17

One of the most likely options to fall to pick 17 in the first round is Broderick Jones. The biggest hurdle in front of the Steelers are the other tackle needy teams in front of them. Jones is a raw talent coming out of Georgia, but his youth and potential ceiling are the reasons for his draft buzz as of late. He seems to be on the rise according to most draft experts as we sit a couple of weeks from the event.

Even though this notion of Pittsburgh taking Jones has become a long shot recently, do not completely rule it out. If he is there when the Steelers select at 17, it would make a lot of sense for the black and gold to pick him. Lots of things can happen on night one of the draft and Jones slipping to pick 17 is not impossible, but it is not likely as we sit here today.