5 Steelers who are fighting for their football lives in the final preseason game

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It will take a lot for this Steelers quarterback to stick on the practice squad

Entering the preseason process, the quarterback room was already set unless an injury changed that situation. Kenny Pickett is going to be the starter going forward and he has shown promise during the first couple weeks of the preseason. Mitch Trubisky has not been as consistent as many would hope for, but he is still the second guy behind the starter.

Mason Rudolph was the surprise re-sign this past offseason as he could not find greener grass on the other side of the fence. He was cemented back into the third-string spot behind the two in front of him. That wraps up the room as it provides experience from the top of the order down to the bottom guy. All have varying degrees of starting experience.

Tanner Morgan was a quick addition to the roster as an undrafted free agent shortly after the draft ended. He was perceived as a camp arm and that is exactly what he has been. Even though he has not gotten a lot of snaps during team sessions, he has gotten more opportunities than Chris Oladokun had when he was in the same situation last year.

The Steelers will not keep Morgan no matter what kind of performance he plays with on Thursday. His best chance to stick with the team is if he plays well enough to garner a practice squad spot with the Steelers. Even that option seems farfetched right now. Morgan was used as an extra arm that got a few more chances than Oladokun ever got.