5 Steelers who are fighting for their football lives in the final preseason game

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A former XFL star hasn't been able to do enough to stick on the Steelers roster

Nothing is over until it's truly over and in this case, that statement is true. Competition for certain spots will not end until the team hands in their roster cuts less than a week from now. It might be hard to get ahead of anyone currently in front of you on the depth chart, but stranger things have happened. Cornerback is a spot where things are still fluid.

Patrick Peterson, Joey Porter Jr., and Levi Wallace are all locks to make this roster and will have significant roles. That leaves the likes of Chandon Sullivan and Elijah Riley battling for the slot cornerback spot on this team. It is possible that the winner of that spot will end up being a backup to Peterson, but that is still being figured out.

With both Sullivan and Riley potentially making this roster, that maybe leaves one spot open. James Pierre is the odds-on favorite to make this team out of the preseason right now. Someone like Luq Barcoo concluded training camp with a couple of strong practices and has played respectable during the first two games.

The former XFL stand-out has just not done enough or been consistent enough up to this point. He needs to have a lights-out game that shows he can be effective against the run and create some turnovers if the ball comes his way. Barcoo might be a good practice squad candidate as there seems to be some potential there, but Pierre has too much experience to be booted for Barcoo.

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