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Steelers have Spencer Anderson playing everywhere

Versatility was the name of the game for Spencer Anderson. Taken in the seventh round of the draft, Anderson wasn’t brought in to compete at a specific position, but instead to wear as many hats as he did in college. While his ability to play anywhere was evident in his film, I still figured the Steelers wouldn’t want to crowd his plate early in his career.

I was wrong, as the team has given him snaps at just about every position along the line. He has seen most of his work as a right tackle, but he has also gotten significant looks at both guard spots. Even recently the team has given Anderson some snaps at center to see how he does. By all accounts, he has held his own, even if his center work was a little sloppy.

Then the first preseason game came and went. Not only did Anderson see significant snaps in that game, but he logged time at right tackle and both guard spots. In a typical game setting, players likely won’t be moving around mid-game like that unless absolutely necessary, but Pittsburgh had faith and put Anderson in that tough position. Just as importantly, Anderson did well with all three spots.

He has seen some elevated work in practice now, and I am excited to see where he works in the second preseason game for the Steelers. Another versatile and effective performance should lock him into a backup role for this team after the weekend. His kind of versatility is rare and will be a huge asset for this offense.