5 Steelers just one step away from locking up a roster spot

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Steelers are getting the best out of Kwon Alexander

News broke shortly after the Steelers reported to camp that they were signing veteran linebacker Kwon Alexander. On paper, this was a surprise, as Alexander is the fifth new name at the position, and unlike the more recent additions, Alexander isn’t a notable special teams player. That means his path to make the team is purely as a defender.

Given his veteran minimum contract, age, and injury history, Alexander was far from a lock to make this roster. He was joining the Steelers behind the ball as a camp addition, and if his defensive role didn’t materialize, he wouldn’t have a home on this roster.

The early results were promising, as Alexander was quick to make an impact as a hard-hitting linebacker and a vocal leader. He was consistently setting the tone early for the team, and despite being a vested veteran, he was playing like his hair was on fire. That impact was felt in the first preseason game as well.

Assuming Alexander continues his ways for the Steelers, I think he will have a roster spot officially locked up by the end of this weekend. At this point, I think there is a better chance that Alexander becomes a starter for this defense than he does missing the roster. He has quickly made an impact as a veteran and figures to be a key face on defense this year.