5 Steelers players barely hanging onto a roster spot

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Anthony McFarland needs to give the Steelers a reason to keep a third RB

Of the names on this list, Anthony McFarland Jr. might have been the most impressive of the group this August. However, that doesn't yet mean that his spot on the Steelers roster is secure for the 2023 season.

It's true that the Steelers historically keep three running backs on their in-season roster. It's also true that McFarland is the clear frontrunner for the RB3 job. However, Pittsburgh could elect to do things differently in 2023. Knowing that Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren will account for a lion's share of the workload from the backfield, they may be willing to break their typical trend and stash their third running back on the practice squad instead of taking up a roster spot.

This becomes more believable when you remember that McFarland was cut after the preseason finale last year despite recording 5.7 yards per carry during exhibition action in 2022. We also can't ignore the fact that McFarland doesn't play much special teams. Though the Steelers have him returning kicks, he doesn't work in special teams coverage units.

McFarland clearly shows some explosiveness on offense, but he's coming off an unspectacular game running the football. He needs to give it everything he's got in the preseason finale against the Falcons. McFarland doesn't fit the mold of the Steelers typically RB3, so he might have to work even harder to carve out a role on this team.