5 Steelers players with more to prove in next preseason game

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens (14)
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Steelers played Spencer Anderson everywhere

While it was no secret that Spencer Anderson was a versatile player coming out of college, I am shocked that he has continued that trend so early in his career. Even if a player was uber-versatile in school, teams will typically focus that player on one position initially in their career. That couldn’t be farther from the case with Anderson though.

He has been playing multiple roles in practice, and that trend continued during the first preseason game. Anderson saw snaps at both guard spots as well as right tackle. While that may not seem significant on paper, it really is a marvel that he played all over the place in a single game.

While versatile players can sub in at multiple positions at any given moment, it is rare for a player to move around that much in a singular game. While it is only preseason, the Steelers were comfortable with allowing Anderson to give it a try at multiple different spots all in one game.

Even better was the fact that Anderson held his own. Was he elite? No, but a player that specializes in multiple positions rarely is. Anderson did more than enough to propel his odds forward, as he played fine as both a tackle and a guard.

As we head into the second preseason game for the team, I want to see Anderson continue to play well at multiple spots. If he has a repeat game, he will be one step closer to locking down a roster spot. Anderson has been everything as advertised so far, and he should continue to see his stock go up if his versatility continues to shine through.