The Heroes and Villains of the Steelers' Season: 5 players saving the day, 5 causing mayhem

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett (8)
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Steelers fourth-worst performing player: Gunner Olszewski

Gunner Olszewski has played 13 snaps this season. No, that isn’t just on offense, that is total. He has five snaps on offense and eight on defense. Total. You would think in such a limited role, Olszewski couldn’t possibly be a huge issue for this team. Think again.

These issues aren’t unique to this season either. He was brought in a year ago to be the returner and slot receiver. He proved to be ineffective at both. He lost his return job after numerous fumble issues. Even when he held onto the ball, he failed to generate any big returns. His offensive role was lacking as well.

I was surprised to see him remain with the team through the offseason, as I figured he would be an easy-cut candidate. He re-earned the trust of the team though, and it appeared as though he would be inactive this season, a break glass in case of emergency returner and receiver.

That glass had to be broken, and the results have been as bad as they were a season ago. Against Cleveland, he fielded a kick that was set to bounce out of bounds at the ten, immediately going out of bounds in the process. Had he not fielded that kick, the Steelers would have gotten the ball at the 40 instead of inside the ten.

Not only did he goof up that situation, he also fumbled on a reception, again setting the team back. Against the Ravens, he also fumbled a punt when this team was trying to mount a comeback. Again, in only 13 snaps, Olszewski has proven to be a horrible fit for this team. The only reason he isn’t higher is because he has barely played.