5 Steelers players with soaring stock heading into the preseason finale

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#3 - Jaylen Warren

There's a world where Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren can share the backfield peacefully with each back bringing their best traits to the table for the betterment of the team.

But that doesn't mean one can't outshine the other based on circumstance and performance. A lot of eyes are on #30 instead of #22 for a reason.

While so far there hasn't been much reason to have either carry too much of a workload in the preseason, Jaylen Warren did something against the Buffalo Bills that we just don't see enough of out of a certain former first-round pick out of Alabama.

That 62-yard touchdown is going to be front of mind for many Harris doubters until he gives them a reason not to.

Still, this is about Jaylen Warren, not Harris, and not about the "one true back to rule them all". Warrren's story is awesome, and it should be taken into consideration every step of the way. In the end, his improvement should be noted for him alone. He brings big-play opportunities to the table, and fans should be excited about that.

Warren is still a stocky back, but he's shifty and has burners to go the distance in the right situations. He's a perfect change of pace back to Harris's more angry, fist-fight-in-a-phone-booth style. He's earned even more touches than he did in 2022, which will be a welcome feature in this offense.