5 Steelers players with soaring stock heading into the preseason finale

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#1 - Calvin Austin III

Watching Calvin Austin III blur across the field makes it a real shame the Steelers didn't have access to him in his rookie season last year.

On the other hand, watching him now has brought a brand new excitement to the offense for the 2023 season.

Austin was a relatively unknown commodity because of his injury status last year, and the addition of Allen Robinson II made it appear that we may have to wait even longer to see #19 make an impact. Luckily that is not the case.

Austin hasn't touched the football much, but when he does it has brought monumental results.

A 17-yard jet sweep. A 67-yard touchdown catch. A 54-yard punt return.

Explosive play after explosive play is making the fanbase giddy to see what more he can provide during the regular season.

There will have to be a bit of patience from the fanbase, as Austin won't be on the field for every play. Even when he is, it could be simply to stretch the defense from time to time. But as a returner and as a big play threat, he'll be on the minds of Steelers fans and opposing coaching staffs all season.

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