5 Steelers playing for their jobs at training camp

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2. Steelers Dan Moore won’t go down without a fight

Dan Moore Jr. has been the primary left tackle for this offense over the course of the past few seasons, and while his play has never jumped into an elite space, he has progressed every season and is a fine starter. That didn’t stop the Steelers from trying to upgrade him by trading up for Broderick Jones in the first round of the draft.

Jones is the left tackle of the future, but he won’t be handed the role. Moore will still be fighting for his spot, and while his roster spot is secure, his starting job isn’t. Jones is relatively raw, and he will have to prove that he is pro-ready before he takes over. That means training camp will be a critical time for both players to prove themselves.

That doesn’t mean that Moore can’t show improvements either. He is only entering his third season as a pro and he won’t have to learn a new system like he did last year. While the goal should be for Jones to take over, Moore certainly wants to continue to show growth and keep his value up.

Like it or not, we haven’t seen the last of Moore in the starting lineup yet. Even when Jones takes over, Moore will still be the swing tackle and could be a favorite to start at right tackle next season. Don’t be surprised to see him still get some starts at left tackle this season as Jones gets himself settled into a pro offense.