5 Steelers at risk of losing their roster spots from last year

Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace
Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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With the Pittsburgh Steelers steadily making their way through the preseason and training camp, the roster is slowly getting set. While the first depth chart is a telling sign of who has some early leads, there is still a lot of football to be played before the team will finalize things. That leaves a lot of room for change and for players to slide down the rankings.

While these five players could still make the roster, I have a strong feeling that they are going to lose their spot to another. That could come as a demotion, or even as an outright cut, but things don’t seem to be trending in the right direction for these names. Here are five Steelers who are likely losing their roster spot this season.

Steelers have other options over Isaiahh Loudermilk

Isaiahh Loudermilk was a weird process when the team drafted him. They traded up into the fifth round for a player most expected to go undrafted. His production in school was fine, but he lacked the pass-rushing skills to ever be a great option for any team. That said, he has the size this team likes in their defensive linemen which is a rarity in college.

The early results were promising, but he regressed last season. His run defense went from good to very average, and there hasn’t been a jump in his pass-rush plan yet either. At best, Loudermilk seems like a very low-end backup defensive end, a position that has quite a few viable names.

While he hasn’t been horrible in training camp, Armon Watts has been playing before him and he has been getting outshined by fellow backup option Manny Jones. Unless he flashes in the preseason, Loudermilk seems like a likely cut candidate and will likely lose his backup role to a new name.