5 Steelers at risk of losing their roster spots from last year

Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace
Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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Levi Wallace may eventually have a reserve role

Levi Wallace was a savvy signing for the Steelers last offseason. While not an elite player, he makes fair money and can be a good second cornerback for this defense. He served that role well last year and ultimately had a career season.

I was mulling over the potential of him getting cut after camp if all the cards fell the right way. One of those cards was Cory Trice surpassing him on the depth chart though, and that no longer is an issue. Wallace now seems like a true lock to make this team. The real question is, will he still be the starter opposite of Patrick Peterson?

Signs seem to be pointing to no right now. Rookie Joey Porter is having a strong camp and has stacked quite a few good practices. While he has had plenty of flaws like any rookie would, he isn’t letting that slow him down. He follows up every bad play with a good one and will be seeing the field sooner than later.

While Wallace may get the initial nod, I expect him to eventually be replaced by Porter. While he will still see snaps in certain packages, his playing time will likely decrease. Again, he seems like a very safe roster lock as of this writing, but I expect his role to be occupied by Porter sooner than later, and for Wallace to see more time on the bench because of it.