5 Steelers at risk of losing their roster spots from last year

Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace
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Steelers are all out on Kevin Dotson

What has to be one of the biggest falls from grace in recent years, Kevin Dotson has had a horrible offseason. He finished this season as the primary starter at guard and an increased salary given his playtime. Since free agency began he has seen his stock tumble as he was first battling for his job and is now, at best, a third-string guard for this team.

That increase in salary also isn’t doing him much good right now. Keeping a third-string player for that price is already hard to justify. Dotson also can’t play anywhere other than guard, as he lacks the technique to be a reserve tackle and has never handled snapping duties. It is hard to see him having a real shot at the roster.

Dotson’s attitude also hasn’t been great. While it can’t be easy to see your perceived value decrease that quickly, Dotson appears to be fine with just rolling over and letting his spot go. There hasn’t been much fight in his words, and he seems to be focused on just finding a new team for the season instead.

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Without a doubt, Dotson will be the chief example of a player losing his spot during this offseason. He is in a battle for a backup spot, and his roster odds aren’t exactly high either. It will likely be a year to forget for the former starting guard.