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Steelers can play Spencer Anderson anywhere

There was an initial wave of dissatisfied fans after the team announced that Spencer Anderson was going to be their final draft pick this year. Most barely knew who he was, and following a class of notable names, Anderson was perceived as a weak spot of the class.

Upon further inspection, the value in Anderson was less due to his college tape but more due to his positional versatility. He played all over the line at Maryland, and the Steelers were hoping to get a backup player at multiple line spots when they took him to conclude their draft.

I expected to see Anderson play quite a few roles, but ultimately settle in as an interior option for this team at guard and potentially even center. As camp progressed, it was clear that the Steelers liked his ability to be a tackle, his most utilized college position. He received the occasional snap at guard, but tackle seemed like his calling.

Then the first preseason occurred, and Anderson saw time at tackle and guard. He has since followed that up with some more center work, making him a capable backup at four positional spots. That kind of versatility in a rookie is rare. It is even rarer to see Anderson hold his own at every spot he is getting snaps at.

With no backup center candidate shining, and options like Kendrick Green shooting themselves in the foot, Anderson has quickly risen through the ranks of this depth chart. He is seemingly the backup center, one of the backup guards, and an emergency center. All of that is excellent value for a seventh-round pick, and Anderson has done his part to quickly rise up the ranks with this team.