5 Steelers veterans that could be surprise cuts this summer

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Calvin Austin II (19)
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Steelers could be fed up with Kevin Dotson

It was no secret that the Steelers were preparing to move on from Kevin Dotson this offseason. The former fourth-round pick was a starter over the past two seasons, but he has struggled more often than not and was inconsistent when on the field. The team has spent a lot of money to rebuild the interior of this line, and it will cost Dotson his starting role this season.

Because of his past starts, Dotson is actually due more money than a typical fourth-round pick is due. That makes it hard to justify keeping him on the roster as a backup when he is owed that additional money. More than likely, the Steelers will try and trade Dotson, but there is no guarantee that a deal materializes.

 While keeping him as an overpriced backup is already less than ideal, his stance since the team opened its offseason programming has been lackluster. In particular, his interviews have made it seem like he has no desire to compete and is instead just hoping to find a new team to play for.

Had his attitude been better, he wouldn’t be locked into being off the roster. If a trade didn’t materialize, he could remain as expensive depth. Given his mediocre personality, since practices have opened, I can’t see him sticking around. Ideally, he gets traded, but if nothing presents itself, he may force his way off the roster as a cut after training camp.